Do you currently own a hotel or accommodation facility but would prefer to spend your expertise on expanding your holdings or other business interests? Are you considering investing into the hotel, resort and hospitality industry? If so, Rhombus International Hotels Group’s Advisory and Representation Services could be beneficial to you and your company.

We will work with you and your team of bankers, lawyers, designers and other experts to provide you with the current trends, market information and industry norms, so that you are able to make decisions which will be strategically most beneficial for your portfolio/investments. Examples of such services which we have provided to satisfied clients previously include:

  • Assessing Potential Hotel Purchases (i.e. offered pricing in relation to value)
  • Advising on Hotel & Resort Development Sites
  • Advising on Acquisitions and Expansion into New Markets
  • Negotiating with Suppliers & Brands
  • Assessing on Renovation or Re-Branding Initiatives
  • Staffing & Talent Assessment

Rhombus International would be happy to speak with you about your needs so that we can customize a service to meet your objectives.

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